July 25, 2016

…I rarely seem to find something appropriate to write in here?! At any rate, a few updates!

My short story, ‘The Last,’ is up at Metaphorosis Magazine! I described it as a quiet post-apocalyptic non-dystopia full of bad decisions and semi-sentient icebergs, which led me to think some things about apocalypses and dystopias in general that might turn into a blog post later. (Mainly, what are some other works people can recommend to me where the world ended and everyone got knocked back to the Iron Age and that wasn’t considered a disaster or a dystopia, merely a change? I love a good literary dystopia but I would also like to read an occasional book about a future that isn’t one, or a utopia, more of a second chance for humanity.)

Also exciting news: the all-women Lovecraft anthology I was in last year, She Walks In Shadows, has been nominated for a 2016 World Fantasy Award for best anthology! I think I’m duty-bound as a contributing author to tell you to buy the book, but also just as a reader I am telling you to go buy it, because it is a wonderful collection of stories, and the illustrations are absolutely fantastic. I was impressed enough in the e-book version but they are much more satisfyingly eldritch in the physical book.

This also seems as good a place as any to recommend Shirley Jackson’s ‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle’ as being pretty damn good and actually giving me nightmares. I find myself annoyed that I haven’t read it before now.

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