October 10, 2023

OKAY GUYS can you keep up? Can I keep up? I will be scuttling around the country a little bit in October! (Masked of course, and with that vile nasal spray shot into my faceholes for an extra layer of protection until I can get my Covid booster here after October 16, ugh). 

From October 12-15 I will be in Ottawa for Can*Con! 

On the night of the 12th I will be at The Spaniel’s Tale bookstore in Ottawa (assuming my flight is not delayed and nothing else happens) starting at 7:30 pm ET with the lovely EDE Bell for a little meet ‘n greet and the debut of the INKBLOOM hardcover! (Not my book!) That’s at 1131 Wellington Street West so be there or be square! :DThen 

Then at Can*Con itself, I’m doing a signing plus three panels! Straight-up stolen from the Sched site which is probably your best bet if you’re attending and want to keep everything up to date. 🙂 

Finally, on October 14 I’m doing an amazing event with three other authors that were in the recent HarperCollins THE BOOK OF WITCHES (ed. Jonathan Strahan). We’ll do a little reading and then probably chat about our stories and about witches and magic! That’s at Perfect Books, 258A Elgin St. 

And then finally, I’m headed over to Montreal for the amazing Elektra Festival

(Yes I’m very grateful that this event is in English, because no offense to my French skills, but)

I’m also really excited for this one. We had a little pre-meeting last week with the panelists and the moderator and everybody is doing such interesting things, holy moly. I feel a little out of my depth just being a scientist and a novelist! I mean look at what these people are doing! 

And when I get back, I’m doing the keynote and a panel for the Alexandra Writers Center Get Lit event on October 28! That’ll be in Calgary and that’s a one-day event. I’ll also be doing the ‘Blue Pencil’ thing, which is where I give people live feedback on their manuscript, so that’ll be exciting! I wonder if I can do it like… at speed. I’m definitely one of those people who likes to think about and process writing for a long time before I decide what’s strong or weak about it. On the other hand, I think there’s also a lot to be said for that kind of… heart centered, gut reaction to writing as well, and that freshness and emotion can be really useful as feedback as well. 

And then I will come home! (And immediately leap into teaching and a talk at a library, so yikes, better update the ‘Events’ tab, huh.) 

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