May 3, 2024


ANYWAY. Guess whomst said yes to everything last year, immediately forgot about it, and is now in a state of actual panic every time I see my own face on a poster? 🙂

BUT! If you want to see me talk or teach in May (I also included early June, for the heck of it) you’re in luck! And if you are one of my many nemeses who believes that I am already Too Everywhere, I deeply apologize.

This Sunday (May 5) I will be at Audreys Books downtown at 2 pm to read with the other finalists of the Alberta Literary Awards! I am up for Short Story Collection, for 2023’s No One Will Come Back For Us with Undertow Publications.

Then! I am doing a library event on May 15, 7 pm, with the lovely and brilliant Becky LeJeune (my friend Matt’s literary agent) for the Edmonton Public Library! (Please sign up, this is free and virtual and attendance is important!) We’ll discuss how she got into agenting, some challenges of the job, how things have changed in the last few years, and what agents and editors are looking for right now — plus we’ll have lots of time for questions.

After that, although it isn’t on the website yet (may have jumped the gun a little on this blog post, woe is me) I have another library event with brilliant local author Sandra SG Wong! For this one we’ll be discussing process and craft: how do you write a novel, how do you start, what kind of research do you do before and during drafting, what do our revision processes look like, and probably (I am sure, actually) a lot of gruesome and amusing publishing stories. That’ll be 7 pm, May 22, and I’ll put up a link when that one goes live.

Then on May 27, I’m giving the keynote (LE YIKES! LE TERROR!!!) for the BC Federation of Writers summit! This is going to be a great event, I hope I can attend lots of the talks. It’s all virtual, and the theme is “for the love of genre.” So BOY HOWDY am I looking forward to cracking my knuckles and talking numbers, statistics, cashflow, and also the many, many instances of genre snobbery and litfic tomfoolery I’ve experienced in my publishing career so far. (I am also giving a workshop called “A Weaving, A Binding: Incorporating Horror Elements into Other Genres” at 3 pm my time that day — very excited for that one too!)

THEN, on May 31 at 6:30 pm UK time (11:30 am here) I’m having a discussion (virtually) at the Cymera Festival, which is great, because that’s in WALES and I am not going to be in Wales. I’ll be discussing war in speculative fiction (plus, no doubt, zillions of other things) with the wonderful Ed Ashton, author of Mal Goes to War as well as Antimatter Blues and Mickey 7.

Finally, thought I’d throw in one last thing in case folks want to sign up — I think signups are still open? — I’ll be at the 2024 Writers Guild of Alberta Annual Conference, which is being held here in Edmonton from June 7-9, and aside from attending the gala (which I really should do because I’m an awards finalist for an award I cannot possible win, ha ha on me) I will be teaching a workshop on novellas on June 8 at 3 pm! Writing them, selling them, troubleshooting them, forcing your friends to buy them.

(Secretly my hope is that we WILL get some kind of passport and we can get it stamped at the various events, as they’re really leaning into the whole ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ theme, and I like conference-y collectible things.)

I should have put this into a newsletter, I know, but a) I hate writing newsletters and b) my newsletter situation is kind of in flux right now (TinyLetter shut down, I signed up for MailChimp but haven’t committed yet because the tier for the number of newsletter subscribers I have is too expensive, am considering Ghost but haven’t made the jump yet, it’s complicated). But maybe the next one will be a newsletter and by then we ought to have proper details on:

  • My next novella that’s coming out with Absinthe Books!
  • The launch party for We Speak Through the Mountain (ECW Press) on June 20
  • Appearance at the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, SK
  • Four sessions I’m doing for young writers with the EPL in July/August
  • Appearance at When Words Collide in Calgary, AB
  • And more!
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