June 18, 2024

I had to just mush everything together into ‘summer’ because THINGS ARE HAPPENING (and some of the things don’t have links yet!) — anyway, I’m still on the fence about restarting my newsletter even though the chorus of voices insisting that NEWSLETTERS ARE THE ONLY FUTURE FOR AUTHORS and YOU CANNOT SELL EVEN ONE BOOK EVER WITHOUT A NEWSLETTER HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING TO US is getting increasingly more strident. (Maybe if I send out a newsletter that’s just a link to the blog? I don’t know.)


June 20 – I hope I will see people at the official launch for We Speak Through the Mountain, at Audreys Books downtown! I will be coming from the library a little early to enjoy their other solstice stuff, and then ‘my’ launch stuff is at 7 pm our time. I have swag to hand out — beautiful mini-prints of Veronica Park’s incredible cover art, sent by my publisher!

June 21 – 6 pm MT. I’m doing an online reading for the Locus Awards conference! Unfortunately I can’t attend in person, but the organizers set up these online sessions and I got paired up with the amazing, award-winning Ai Jiang! I think I will do ‘The Youngest Son Misses His Boat to the Crusades,’ as we were given “10-15 minutes” and the last time I did that live, I think it took about 10 minutes. There will be a Q&A after our reading, so stick around!


June 23Sunday Sprints with EPL! 10 am to noon. Free, online, two hours of focused work — I’ll come in and we’ll chat for a bit, get everybody thinking about/talking about what they’re working on, and then we’ll do 45-50 minutes of quiet, focused work. Then a little break to stretch and chat, and then one more session! Get some words knocked off your project, get some editing or admin done, in the company of your fellow creatives!

July 3 – VERY excited for this one, we have a nonfiction event with Jenna Butler and Eva Holland! We’ll be discussing nonfiction, memoir, personal essays, science writing, and journeys to publication! Bring your questions while we’ve got these powerhouse resources there! As ever, online, free, 7 pm MT. I’ll have to make a little graphic for this one, hmm.

July 17-21 you’ll find me at the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw!

  • I will be teaching Outlining Novels (one of my favourite things ever, omg) on July 18 at 9 am local time (do I know what time that is? I do not).
  • On the 19th I’m doing a reading at 2:10 in the Reading Room with Robert J. Sawyer, one of our sci-fi elders (!) – hope I don’t embarrass myself, Gawd
  • On the 20th I’m doing a reading at 10:10 in the Reading Room with Zalika Reid-Benta (who I met at Bocas LitFest and who is a delight in person)
  • And on the 21st I’m doing a panel on climate protection and grasslands at 10 am!

August 15-19 I’ll be at When Words Collide in Calgary! This was one of the ones I forgot I said yes to and then they posted a graphic with my face on it and I was like “OH RIGHT”

  • Somewhat concerningly I’m in the ‘Keynote event’ Friday the 16th at 7 pm (I assume this is some kind of Q&A session because several of us are involved so I don’t think I have to write a speech? Remind me to double-check)
  • On the 17, I’m in ‘Technically Correct: getting the technical aspects of fiction right’ with Heather Clitheroe, Tom Brookes, and Emily Yu at 11 am!
  • Also the 17th: ‘Ask Us Anything’ with Randy McCharles, Wayne Arthurson, Jack castle, and Jonathan Whitelaw at 1 pm, then
  • Also also the 17th: Navigating Cultural Appropriation: Ethical Considerations for Writers, with Allissa Blondin, Lareina Abbott, Calvin Jim, and Jade Mah-Vierling at 2 pm
  • On the 18th is my big workshop, which this time is The Soul of Short Fiction! Super excited for that one. 11 am.

I also have an event in September (they’re not announcing the lineup till mid-July so I will hold off on that), and then in October (may as well throw it in here now in case people want to register, haha) I will be at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference! I will be teaching Focus on Short Fiction (again, but more MASTERLY, LOL) as my masterclass on Thursday, 5:30-8:30 pm, and also wow I just noticed… that’s at the same time as Donald Maass (who owns and runs the literary agency that my agent belongs to!) and Cat Rambo (omg!) and… holy moly they got Mary Robinette Kowal and Sandra SG Wong and Diana Gabaldon teaching here and… wow! Anyway, on the Friday I’ll also be discussing the Horror Toolbox (a revamped version of my talk for the Federation of BC Writers for their spring summit, if you missed that), and Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi on the Saturday!

Also I won an Alberta Literary Award last week! I have… many thoughts on that! Which I will maybe put into a different post. There are too many for me to corral and I need to get them under some kind of control or else it’s just going to be a full post of “EEEEEEEEE!”

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