February 19, 2024

Yes, you!

All the details are below but basically, I am thrilled and honoured to be working with the Manufactured Ecosystems project to help explore a variety of potential human futures! Let’s all get away from the blue-toned gloomy dystopias of the movies (and the weird yellow filtered ones too, those are just as tedious) and come up with something more interesting, more creative, more absorbing, and (dare we say?) more optimistic.

All the details are here but let me quickly reiterate that we are looking for work about specific ecosystem services (and trust me, these were not easy to narrow down!):

  1. Biodiversity: a diverse reservoir of strategies and information
  2. Pollination: a distribution system for the purpose of plant reproduction
  3. Cultural Services and Human Experience: the components of the human species derived from emersion in the natural world
  4. Soil formation: the creation of new soil
  5. Photosynthesis: the creation of sugars from sunlight
  6. Climate regulation: the stabilizing of climatic conditions

Please apply! Especially if you are Canadian! Everything is paid, and I can vouch that people will be compensated very fairly for their time, as I am. I am super excited to get going on this, so I hope folks will pay attention to the deadlines and apply in a timely fashion!

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