July 5, 2019

Well, the internet figured it out before I did, so I reached out to my editor and my agent to see if I had permission to yell about it, and looks like we’re good: THERE’S A COVER AND A RELEASE DATE FOR MY DEBUT NOVEL!

Isn’t that cover fucking excellent? I can’t get over it. I wanted something striking and graphic, and I had (desperately, quietly) hoped it wouldn’t too clearly depict the appearances of the two kids — you know how when you pick up a cover and see a painting of the characters or whatever, that’s how your brain thinks of them? Well, I tossed out the word ‘silhouettes’ in my email last fall and lo and behold, they’re part of the circle. Which I didn’t realize at first because I was looking at it on my phone. Anyway, I love it, and I see something new about the book every time I look at it. CHILLS, YOU GUYS. CHILLS. All credit to the wonderful cover designer James Jones, of course.

More details to follow when I know them, but look at that! One step closer to being a real

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