January 11, 2017

So, big news! With the paperwork signed, I am now officially represented by the wonderful Michael Curry of DMLA! I am super excited to enter the world of Maybe, Possibly, Novel Publishing (I mean, the thing still has to sell, of course, but now it’s a step closer!).

This is with the rewrite novel that I’ve been working on since about May 2016, when it became clear that if I didn’t focus exclusively on one novel, nothing would get finished by the end of 2016, so I set myself a deadline of my birthday and managed to actually finish it. (But let’s not talk about that last week, because there was a lot of a) writing and b) head-desking to make that self-imposed deadline.) I revised it for six-ish weeks before polishing up my query letter and synopsis, and booting it out the door! (Go go go li’l novel, you can
do it!)

I’m…expectedly, but unexpectedly sweaty about this news? I mean, my whole life has been a study of watching the circles of the Venn diagram of Things I Like To Do, Things I’m Reasonably Competent At, Things That People Might Pay Me For, and Things People Would Actually Like Me To Do rarely…actually…touch, let alone intersect. Working at the plant was the closest I feel like I got, because I truly loved that job, but by the end, the circles of Things I Like To Do and Things People Would Actually Like Me To Do were starting to drift apart, and every day was becoming torture. I told myself “Ugh, should have known it was too good to be true.” But over the last two years, writing has gone from just two of those circles to – maybe? now? maybe? – three or even four, and I’m woozy with it, I feel punch-drunk with anticipation. Like, Holy shit, I wrote a book that someone knowledgeable about these things thinks might be publishable!

Like, writing has always been this beloved hobby, the one thing I’d rather be doing than
almost anything else in my life (except sleeping or eating cheese), often the only thing in my
life capable of making me happy with no conditions on it, no “If” clauses. When I was
severely depressed in 2008 and 2013 and couldn’t write, that was a greater blow than most of
my other symptoms. Because that was something I could always do that I wasn’t telling
myself “You’re a bad person” for doing it and suddenly it wasn’t there for me any more. I was
so relieved and glad when it came back, and resolved never to doubt that it would come
back again, no matter how long it took. And now this thing I love could be…a thing…that I
get to do a lot more of, and share with the world at large? It’s almost too big and exciting to

Speaking of exciting, one of the most delightful things so far has been the reaction from
some of my ‘agency-sibs’ (see? I’m picking up the lingo already!) – nothing but pure joy and
open arms all around, from authors that I would be too overawed to be in the same room as,
sharing in and multiplying my excitement. I mean, what I’m getting so far is that people in
publishing are really nice people and they want me to do well and oh God I barely know
what to do with myself, I’m going to go stress-eat a box of Triscuits.

Also, I got a story acceptance a few days ago for a weird Western anthology, which is not a
genre I thought I could write! I’m so happy it got in, because when I push my comfort zones I
always expect the worst, so it was a lovely surprise to get that email. I’ll update here when it’s
out. 🙂

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