June 13, 2018

Well, one cathedral, to be precise. And one lighthouse.

But! ONWARDS. I thought I’d put a link to the Lackington’s issue up last time, but perhaps I did not? I haven’t read it myself, but I haven’t read a lot of things. I need more hours in the day. Or more eyes. Or perhaps just to clone myself several dozen times? But here, go read this: Lackington’s Issue 17

And then go read the very wise Charles Payseur’s review of the issue here! If that is the sort of thing that floats your boat, or ratchets your yacht. I’m interested, it seems, in old men regretting their decisions and becoming a cautionary tale perhaps slightly too late – I have several stories with that common element. I wonder if that’s a case of ‘I told you so’ for the middle-aged men in my life? Or maybe it’s just one of those things where I unjustifiably or unreasonably enjoy driving outside of my lane.

And one more kick at the cat for our re-launched Kickstarter for ‘Broad Knowledge’! A truly tremendous number of very talented authors are in these books, and we are inexplicably at just $4900 as I type these words. Go! Back! Get some amazing stories!

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