The Void Ascendant – out April 26 2022, from Rebellion Publishing 

Seven years ago, the last survivor of Earth crashed through uncountable dimensions and fetched up in a strange new world. Now Nick Prasad owes his life and livelihood to the royal family that employs him as a prophet, even though they are servants of the Ancient Ones who destroyed his home.

When a long-expected war breaks out, he’s eager to help organize troops and supplies… until he’s approached by a spy who claims to possess a secret that could end the reign of the Ancient Ones forever.

The first step is jailbreaking a god who’s probably been locked up a little too long (and that’s the easy part).
Nick must choose between joining a fragile resistance founded on secrets and lies, or revealing it to the enemies he’s sworn to serve.

 But if everything works, there might be a chance to free the entire multiverse from the grasp of the Ancient Ones… both past and future.

Cover design: James Paul Jones