The Thing About Gates

(Posted on Curious Fictions June 23, 2021 — part of my effort to save everything from the site before it closes!) You know, I thought I blogged about this somewhere? But maybe it just ended up on Twitter, which is where all...Read More

And Now, We Keep The Gate

Exciting news! For some reason (they have not told me, and I have not figured it out, but somebody will probably clue me in at some point), two wonderful speculative fiction venues have invited me to be a guest editor for them...Read More

Lifeless Things Returned To Life

News! Almost-news! After being bounced from its former home, my novella ‘These Lifeless Things’ is coming out on February 5 from Solaris’ new novella imprint, Satellites! I’ll put up pre-order links when I can, but in the meantime, you can sign up...Read More

Thoughts on Length

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on January 21, 2021 — part of my effort to save things before the site goes away!) A brilliant writer friend of mine (whom I am not sure would wish to be identified by name...Read More

2020 Eligibility Post

Welp, looks like it’s that time of year again! Some year, huh. I wasn’t focused on short fiction this year but on novels and novellas, with the result that it’s a pretty paltry eligibility post. On the other hand I think it...Read More

Writing Resources

(This post was originally published on Curious Fictions on November 16, 2020 — I am rescuing them before the site shuts down!) As I think I’ve discussed in a couple of places, I’m kind of a self-taught writer (which probably shows in...Read More

Great, Now I Have To Title This Too

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on September 18, 2020 — I am trying to rescue my posts before the site shuts down!) Titles are hard and all of mine are terrible. I have absolutely no idea how I’ve come up...Read More

Reading vs. Performing

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on July 12, 2020 — I am rescuing posts before the site disappears!) This is a post I promised the most excellent Laura Blackwell, who was kind enough to host myself and Effie Seiberg at...Read More

Beware the Sequel!

The sequel to ‘Beneath the Rising’ has a cover and it is another absolute corker by the illustrator who did the first one, James Paul Jones! Tor was also kind enough to host the cover reveal, which happened June 24 (and luckily...Read More

Second Book Syndrome

The world is on fire and it should be; if those in power will not pay attention to those asking for justice nicely and legally and patiently for hundreds of years, maybe they will pay attention to the flames. All I can...Read More

Getting Your Start in Short Spec Fic

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on May 11, 2020 — I am rescuing posts before the website disappears!) INTRO As part of my Capital City Press Featured Writer duties, I did a class on February 6, 2020, that I called...Read More

Plague Panel Thoughts

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on April 5, 2020 — I am rescuing posts before the site disappears!) Today I participated in a little virtual con that was super fun! (WiFiSciFi, organized by Anne Corlett—there’s a link to the YouTube...Read More

But Burns Her Body Silently, Alone

(cw: mentions of suicide; blood; illness; hallucination) You may be wondering how those of us in the ‘high-risk’ categories are doing these days. I, a high-risk person, am also wondering this. The truth is I don’t know, and am having a hard...Read More

Yes, It’s Siense

Guys so listen. I have a lot of books, okay? You already knew that. What you probably did not know is that I’ve had some of these books since I was but a wee grub, and have never gotten rid of them....Read More

Dedication and Acknowledgements

So! THE BOOK GOT FUCKED UP, Y’ALL. There’s not much to tell; my editor and I were talking in Twitter DMs about a preorder campaign for my debut novel, ‘Beneath the Rising,’ and I said something like ‘Well, let me know when...Read More

Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi Curriculum

(This was originally posted on Curious Fictions on January 11, 2020 — I am rescuing posts before the site disappears!) On December 10, I gave what we (rather euphemistically) called a ‘session’ on ‘Putting the Sci in Sci-Fi’ at my local library!...Read More

Giftmas 2019

Hello, friends! This is my second year participating in Rhonda Parrish’s Giftmas Blog Tour, which helps raise money for our local food bank! Today, Cindy James is also blogging — go over and check her entry out too! The official fundraiser link...Read More

2019 Awards Eligibility Post

Once again, this post has reminded me that a) I hate doing these and b) I cannot spell either ‘eligible’ or ‘negligible’ without slowing down to a pace of one letter every thirty seconds, glaring suspiciously at the screen the while. So!...Read More


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