Where To Find Me In May

  ANYWAY. Guess whomst said yes to everything last year, immediately forgot about it, and is now in a state of actual panic every time I see my own face on a poster? 🙂 BUT! If you want to see me talk...Read More

Bocas LitFest – Apr 25-28

Well, if it’s official on the website, it’s official-official! I am super honoured (not to mention surprised, just gonna say it) to have been invited to come teach and speak at the Bocas LitFest in Trinidad & Tobago this April! More info...Read More

WGA Conference – June 8

Okay they sent me the official promo graphic and said to share it around so: I am teaching a novella intensive at the WGA conference in Edmonton this June! I hope I will see novellacurious writers there! 😀 This will cover the...Read More

Launch Party!

EDMONTON HELLO we have a launch party date for THE BUTCHER OF THE FOREST! I hope I’ll see folks on March 5, 7 pm, at Audreys Books! Please enjoy their beautiful graphic which is much nicer than the one I made in...Read More

We Need YOU!

Yes, you! All the details are below but basically, I am thrilled and honoured to be working with the Manufactured Ecosystems project to help explore a variety of potential human futures! Let’s all get away from the blue-toned gloomy dystopias of the...Read More

Early Learnings 

So I started my writer-in-residence position at the library in January, and a huge part of my time each week is spent doing one-on-ones with various folks—some general ‘writerly chats’ where people can ask questions about writing and publishing in general, and...Read More

A New Writer-In-Residence!

(Also may as well throw this in here: No One Will Come Back For Us made the New York Times 10 best horror books of the year, thanks to Gabino Iglesias!) But mainly, allow me to announce: It’s all official now! Very...Read More

Award Eligible Work 2023

I… I don’t even know who to blame for this graphic. I mean I know I made it, yes, but everything looks… wonky and… listen, anyway, fiction is wonky. Life is wonky. But yes! I have fourteen things (?!) eligible for award...Read More

Where to find me in October! 

OKAY GUYS can you keep up? Can I keep up? I will be scuttling around the country a little bit in October! (Masked of course, and with that vile nasal spray shot into my faceholes for an extra layer of protection until...Read More

We Speak Through the Mountain Cover

Didn’t I just write one of these? Anyway, extremely pleased to announce that we now have a cover for my third 2024 book, WE SPEAK THROUGH THE MOUNTAIN! (Illustration by Veronica Park, art direction by Jessica Alberta, my editor is Jen Albert...Read More

The Siege of Burning Grass cover

Cover reveal time! This is the cover of The Siege of Burning Grass, which will be coming out from Solaris Books in March 2024! By Clare Stacey at Head Design, graphic by Solaris Books, I am not that talented at Canva and...Read More


Excited to announce that I’ve sold my novella ONE MESSAGE REMAINS to the illustrious and soul-transporting Psychopomp Press! Major Lyell Tzajos is a man on a mission—and he’s goshdarned proud of it, thank you very much. His higher-ups have assigned him to...Read More

The Butcher of the Forest Cover Reveal

And we are live as of June 1! Gorgeous cover for my upcoming novella from Tordotcom (Feb 2024) by Andrew Davis! I just love it — I mean, I so far haven’t had a cover I’ve hated but I love this one....Read More

Teaching and Talking in June

Figured I’d throw this up here too… I am going to Barcelona in June to do some bookstore events and be a guest at Cat-Con! Do excuse the Google Translate… I’m assuming 40000 things got butchered here in the journey from Catalan...Read More

Launch party! 

I… I literally keep forgetting that I have… a blog. Anyway! This is also a good spot to put  some information, so, launch party for No One Will Come Back For Us, my debut short story collection out very soon from Undertow...Read More

2022 Eligibility Post

It’s that time of year again! Apparently! Also I am procrastinating on doing something else. At first I was like ‘What, didn’t I have more stuff out this year’ but actually no, because the hilariously vast number of short stories I was...Read More

2021 Eligibility Post

I was looking through my stuff to see when I did this last year and like… November 19? Was I just more busy then, or procrastinating, or not drowning in deadlines or something? Novembers, what a concept. At any rate, I don’t...Read More

Well That Hardly Seems Safe

Look, I don’t mean to judge, but when I think about voids, I mostly think they should just sort of… stay where they are? Maybe get filled up with something? Certainly not ascend. But it’s been a few years and welp, here...Read More


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