November 5, 2022

It’s that time of year again! Apparently! Also I am procrastinating on doing something else. At first I was like ‘What, didn’t I have more stuff out this year’ but actually no, because the hilariously vast number of short stories I was scrambling to get handed in were mostly for anthologies etc that will not be published till next year. So what I was remembering was writing the stories, not having them come out. Anyway! Brains! How do they work?

As always, if people would like copies of any of these for voting purposes, let me know!


The Void Ascendant — 138,000 words, Solaris Books. The final book in the Void Trilogy! Also sometimes known as the Beneath the Rising Trilogy (mainly because nobody agreed on what to call the thing when it was just two books). Eligible for all novel-related awards!

Which means also:

Best Series
The Void Trilogy (Beneath the Rising in 2020, A Broken Darkness in 2021, The Void Ascendant in 2022) is eligible for the Hugo Award for best series!

No novellas in 2022! Which I guess okay, yeah, I had three out in 2021. Bit of a weird year. The rest is all short fiction!

Short Fiction

  1. Seen Small Through Glass (2990 words), Fireside Fiction. A reluctant caretaker for an unwanted child; a strange new disease; an elopement in a local park that almost ends in disaster.
  2. With All Souls Still Aboard (4980 words), The Reinvented Heart anthology, Arc Manor Books. A hero’s death leaves grieving survivors… and a question never asked before in the history of deaths or heroes.
  3. All That Burns Unseen (5500 words), Future Tense Fiction (Slate). When you have a nightmare that your mother has abandoned your father to the encroaching wildfire, how reasonable is it to lie your way up there to check? The future of firefighting in a world of helpful drones and no surface water.
  4. The Control of Certain Impulses (497 words), Edify Magazine. A… what? Doing community service? In Gabe’s park???
  5. The Ants of Bimbleby Hill (771 words), Audible. A horrible little fairy! On a robin! Has stolen an engagement ring! HOW DARE!!!
  6. The Youngest Son Misses His Boat to the Crusades (~ 1750 words), Tales & Feathers Issue 1. “Oh, well that doesn’t sound so bad,” you say. Yeah, till you hear why.

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