October 21, 2021

I was looking through my stuff to see when I did this last year and like… November 19? Was I just more busy then, or procrastinating, or not drowning in deadlines or something? Novembers, what a concept. At any rate, I don’t think I have anything more coming out this year so I think I’m good to do one now! 😀


One novel! A BROKEN DARKNESS, the second book in the Beneath the Rising series, which came out March 2021 from the Solaris imprint of Rebellion Publishing. Cover is by James Paul Jones, editor was David T. Moore.

The world isn’t what it was; no one trusts anyone after the incidents of BENEATH THE RISING. Lives have been lost, governments have been overthrown, everyone is on edge, no one believes in the laws of physics any more (well, maybe they shouldn’t any more). And Nick has a new job, and a chip on his shoulder…



BUMPER crop of novellas this year. 😀 All word counts are approximate.

THESE LIFELESS THINGS (~ 37K words) came out from Rebellion Publishing’s new novella
imprint, Satellites, in February 2021. Cover is by Sam Gretton, editor was David T. Moore.

An invasion, a resistance, a siege, a rescue mission… and, fifty years later, a team of researchers who aren’t quite sure what it is they’ve found in the ruins.

A tricky narrative I’m actually quite proud of — who’s telling the truth? What’s behind what’s true? When we go back to recreate history, what are we recreating, really? And how do we know if we’re the right person to do it?

AND WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU TONIGHT (~ 21K words) came out from Neon Hemlock Press in July 2021. Cover by Carly Allen-Fletcher, editor was dave ring. A strange future city holds birds in gilded cages — valuable courtesans living in an ultraluxurious House at the whims and mercies of the owners. Until one day a client goes too far, and everyone will have to pick a side: life or death?

THE ANNUAL MIGRATION OF CLOUDS came out from ECW Press in September 2021 (39K words). Cover by Veronica Park, editor was Jen Albert. A post-post-apocalyptic novella about a girl with a very strange disease, working to help rebuild her community in the wake of too many climate disasters for a high-tech society to continue… until one day she gets a seemingly miraculous offer to do the thing that frightens her most.


  • The General’s Turn — in The Deadlands, Issue 03 A young POW is forced by an enemy general to play a very unusual game with Death.



  • Worldbuilding With LegsFantasy Magazine October 2021, Issue 72 Incorporating insects into your fantasy or sci-fi worldbuilding!
  • When We Have Come To This PlaceTor.com, June 2021 The ‘Aliens’ series as an offshoot of cosmic horror!


  • The Coming of Nyarlathotep in the Last Year of Electric Lights — Haiku Cthulhu, Pulse Publishing
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